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We were a server first guild on Dentarg back in the day (most of the core and leadership is back). We cleared all the way up to Nax first. We are a little bit more casual minded now, but intend to be as competitive as we can be. We are looking to get into MC and Ony ASAP so we are recruiting 50+ of the following classes. If you are not quite 50+ yet and are an experienced player please don’t be afraid to talk to us.

As of right now raid times would be 6pm - 9pm PST (we are an EST guild some how on a PST server)
MC and Ony are one night clearable so for now it will be tuesdays and eventually thursdays

  • Warrior - Medium (looking for another tank)
  • Priest - High (dwarfs specifically, no shadow)
  • Mage - Low
  • Warlock - High (only one raiding lock so far this is our most needed class)
  • Rogue - High
  • Druid - low
  • Paladin - High
  • Hunter - Closed

Please contact us in-game, look for
Binks, Bandagio, Peeps, or Kove. If for some reason none of us are not online just message someone in guild and ask for an officer.


Death And Taxes EU?

Why are you playing NA servers now?

Fastandfury we’re open to all classes right now just hit one of us up in game

Bump. Bump. Bump it up!

Bumping for any warlocks out there that wanna raid

Best guild EVER!!!

How many mages do you have already?

I wish I would have known that you all were back and on what servers. Totally would have joined again! I’ve been playing on smolderweb.
2nd best pally in the guild I suppose haha.

Binks! Where is Minks?? I played Honoria a priest bank then and I’ll never forget y’alls help in getting my Benediction quest. I raided in a guild with a very angry asian man who played a pally, not your guild. Also had a Paladin named Foxeyes. Y’all still playing? Going to play SOM?