[A] Experienced Paladin Tank LF Raiding guild for ICC

Paladin tank since original BC. Just started playing on Wrath Classic last month. Just over 5k GS so far. During original wrath, lead the guild’s 10 man ICC raid to server first heroic LK kill on Rexxar.
Looking for a guild with earlier raid times. Looking to be done with raid by 8:30pm server on weekdays, bleeding until 9pm for when we’re close to objectives. Friday/Saturday nights are open. Guild must have a sense of humor, I make dark’ish jokes often, but not too off color. I would prefer to not have to faction change, but it’s an option for the right fit. Find me in-game or on Discord.

Discord: Konferge
In-game: Konferge

Now posted on the correct character… hopefully