[A] Eternal Palace Carry

Selling either a full 8/8 Heroic clear for 400,000 gold or a single Queen Azshara kill (AOTC) for 150,000 gold. Scheduling will need to occur, runs typically occur within a one to two-week period. You will not be expected to pay until right before we are ready to run you through the instance.

Raid Times:

1st Full Clear Start Time: 1700 PST / 1800 MST / 1900 CST / 2000 EST

2nd Full Clear Start Time: 1900 PST / 2000 MST / 2100 CST / 2200 EST

AOTC Runs: 1815 PST / 1915 MST / 2015 CST / 2115 EST

Personal loot is the method of gear distribution, you receive what you personally loot from the boss/bonus roll. Any gear exchange during the raid is entirely up to the two parties personally involved, this does occur regularly but should not be expected.

Payment is due before being summoned to raid, full clear typically takes about an hour, single boss kills about five minutes.

What would you need to do?

  • Contact me, accept B-Tag request, and we can begin scheduling your carry
  • Show up at the scheduled time for your carry, with enough time allotted to complete the carry
  • Have full payment of in game currency ready, a character will be on your realm to accept payment
  • You are responsible for your characters movements; you will need to run from boss to boss and ensure you tag the boss to be eligible for loot.
  • That’s it

What should I not do?

  • Don’t use Heroism, taunt, or any other mechanic altering effects
  • Not show up at scheduled time, there are others waiting that will be moved to top of list
  • Not have full payment of in game currency ready on one character to complete the transaction
  • Not tag a boss or hold the raid up by not being ready to pull the next boss, you are responsible for your characters movements

Seven weeks before the new year, and two major holidays in between. Secure your achievement now before release date and end of AOTC for Eternal Palace.

If interested in purchasing a carry, or if you have further questions please contact me in game: AideDeCamp#11162