[A] Equinox is Recruiting

We are looking for more peeps to fill our raid and run mythic plus. Our raids are casual and currently we only raid on Saturday evenings from 7-10 PM EST. We’re really looking for people that plan to stick around for years to come. While we take raiding as serious as anyone else we do prefer to do it with friends - that could be you!

Equinox is a family-friendly guild who welcomes players of all levels and experience. Our guild is made up of a good number of older folks, many of which are parents and/or grandparents. However anyone who agrees to our very few RULES, such as keeping language PG, is welcome to join the fun! New players, returning players, altoholics, collectors, pet battlers, PVP’ers, and raiders ALL are welcome.

Who we are looking for:

  • People with patience and a sense of humor.
  • People who enjoy fun guild events.
  • People who want to be social and make new friends.
  • People who aren’t afraid to ask questions OR answer them.
  • People who are mature in the way that you treat others with respect.

What can we offer:

  • A friendly relaxed community to call home in-game.
  • A guild where people enjoy running as much old content as they do new content.
  • A place to enjoy the game but not have to worry about rude or arrogant players.

You can contact a guild officer or apply at on our guild website: equinox. enjin. com (remove the spaces)

Are we still recruiting? Why, yes! Yes we are!

All Equinox members will receive a rare mount drop every few days. Oh wait, that’s just Hawk and her supernatural luck.

Still, join us and make our chat even chattier! We can have the chattiest chat room ever!

You’re not a chatterbox? NEITHER AM I! Join us and be a lurker just like me!

Does that sound too… weird? AWESOMESAUCE. Join us and be weird just like me!

(It’s not always about me - I just don’t want to throw the other weirdo’s in the guild under the bus.)

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