[A] <Equilibrium> is recruiting casual raiders and socialites


Equilibrium (est. Warlords) was created with the purpose of providing a laid back, helpful community tailored to its guild members. Whether you’re a raider, casual, socialite, or PvPer, there’s a spot for everyone in the guild.

We’re 6/9H and looking to grow our roster with melee DPS, ranged DPS, and those with healer offspecs. We raid Tuesdays and Thursdays from 7 to 10:30 CST.

Get in touch with us by contacting Emily#13132 as well as by using our Discord. Cross-realm isn’t a problem, you’ll be welcomed into the community regardless.


We’re now 7/9H and still looking for friendly faces!


8/9H and AOTC inbound with our first Jaina attempt at 15% thanks to our great raid team, join us :slight_smile:


We’re now 9/9H, working on raid achievements, and preparing for Crucible. Still looking for friendly members!


2/2N Crucible and going into Heroic this week. Join us and we’ll help you gear up between now and 8.2 for raiding


All are welcome, but looking specifically for healers going into 8.2! Whether you’re undergeared or new to healing, join us and we’ll help you gear up and welcome you in!