[A] Empire of The Blood Rose is recruiting


[Empire of The Blood Rose]

We are a guild that is heavily focused on having fun while getting things done. As of right now, raiding is not a priority, though when we have the time/interest, we may queue for normal or heroic and see what happens. That’s how we’ll roll, at least for now. That may change in the future if enough people want it.

Our top priority is pushing high mythic keystone content. We’re looking for people with that goal in mind. If you’re not geared, but the interest is there, we have no problem helping you gear up! As long as you’re willing to put in the time and the effort, then so are we. As for what roles we are recruiting - we need everything. Ideally we’d like enough to have more than one full mythic group that’s ready to go. We understand that it will take time to get there, so we hope you understand that, too.

We do have some interest in pvp as well, although that is significantly less important to us than keystones. How far we go with that depends on the level of interest we end up with collectively.

Social members are, of course, more than welcome. You don’t need to push keystones with us in order to have fun with us. We will schedule things like transmog and achievement runs, farming nights, and other events that will help us grow as a guild and as a group of friends.

If you have any interest in joining us, feel free to send either Talorcan or Solaine an in game message or add us on battle net if you have any questions, comments, or concerns.

Anyone active is welcome to join. 110+ is preferred. Elitist attitudes are not welcome.

We look forward to hearing from you!