[A] <Empire> Darkspear Norm/Heroic Progression

Hello! Empire is a guild compromised of close-friends pushing normal and heroic progression. Our Raid Leader has multiple AoTC, our Officers have 15+ years experience each and we’re taking our time helping new or returning players adjust to the game and progress together in now and in Shadowlands.

There are multiple guild events each week.
-Sunday: Last Minute Mythic + Key Push
-Tuesday: Raid (830PST - 1130PST)
-Wednesday: Raid (830PST - 1130PST)
(One night TBD for Heroic Push)

We are looking for 10-15 experienced or new DPS players with an interest in any/all end-game content. (Mythic +, Raids, Arenas, Rated Battlegrounds). Please be open to constructive criticism when it is needed.

Please contact bigfudgepvp#1916 on Bnet or BigFudge#9468 on Discord