[A] <Emerald Dream> Recruiting for all raid teams!

(GM Dobeedo) is currently recruiting:

Raid 1 Tu/Sat Invites at 7:30 Server, in need of raid ready:
Resto Druids
Fury Warriors

Raid 2 Wed/Fri Invites at 7:30 Server - Many openings, please inquire for availability.

Raid 3 Sun 9AM Core & Coffee - Accepting all classes 55+

Onyxia is scheduled on reset.

Raid progression: 10/10 MC, Onyxia, BWL 8/8 first week.

Our current loot is MS>OS +1

General Invites - We welcome those leveling their way up, who plan to raid or not. Our community is pretty laid back, though we are competitive on the parses!

If interested, please reach out to someone in the guild or Kalour.