[A] Ele Sham LF Home

Looking for a small to mid sized friendly family-style guild to hang out with. Used to be a raider many many years ago (wrath), just into enjoying the game now in a super low pressure environment.

I like running keys, leveling alts, chatting about nerdy stuff, maybe raiding if the group is capable - as long as it’s fun. If you’re a hard core raiding guild or have an aggressive raid leader it’s not the right environment for me haha. That being said, I’m always trying to get as much throughput out of my toon as possible. I’m on the older spectrum of WoW players (40+), and not into the 20-something-every-joke-involves-a-phallis environment. Just looking to hang out and chill with friendly ppl - in whatever form that takes for WoW.

Thanks for giving my post a look!