[A] <Dreadnoughts> - Icecrown/Maly: Looking for a few more

Dreadnoughts are back and recruiting on Icecrown / Malygos. We are looking for a Healer and 2 DPS to add to our Core raiding group. Mature group that gets things done. Raid: Tues & Thursday 8pm - 11pm server. We just re-formed and first week of raiding 8/8H EP and looking to start on Mythic. Discord/Guild Repairs/We have KEYS Night and even run some Horde Toons as well.
You can contact Phoze, Daggpool, Dorcia, Hexel or Boozyshoes if you have any questions.

Please let me know if ur still recruiting bc i am looking for a home for my ilvl 403 BM hunter. Thanks :slight_smile: