[A] Dread 2/10M looking for DPS Monk

Dread, a US alliance guild with deep roots on the Korgath server is recruiting players for our core raiding team currently doing mythic content. We are AOTC with a 2 hour clear time in Heroic Castle Nathria and are currently 2/10 in Mythic only raiding one night per week. Currently we raid on Thursday’s 6pm-9pm PST/Server. If you are looking for players who emphasize high efficiency then this is the place for you.

Please add Reptilia#1308 or Sillybear#1740 and we’ll chat in game or on Discord. Most of our raiders are working adults now so efficiency and execution of mechanics takes priority in our raids in order to maintain our gold standard of full clearing content in one night. Yes we care about ranking, but at the end of the day we would prefer to get in, kill what needs to be killed, and get out.

We also run several M+ groups per week with keymaster secured this season.

If this sounds like a fit for you, then we look forward to speaking with you. We are actively searching for a Windwalker Monk but will give consideration to high skill players who we consider a fit for our team.

Bump. We have filled our roster spot for a Windwalker Monk but are looking to add a healer to our mythic roster for current content and going into the next raid tier. We are now 3/10 M. Hit me up at Reptilia#1308 if you would like to speak to us.