<A> DPS/Heal Shaman LF Mythic Raiding Guild

Hello hello my name is Briantiaa and im currently looking for a Mythic Progression guild. Im currently 2/10M 9/10H and 10/10N, in BfA on my ex-pally main i was 3/12M and 12/12H in Ny’alotha and 3/8M and 8/8H in Eternal Palace. I mostly play Enhancement for DPS and if u wanna make me heal thats fine. I also have a blood dk and a prot pally alt. I did raided with Ele before but im not an expert on ranged. Currently studying Japanese while i used to be a translater for Kizuna AI. Im currently a high school student so dont mind my voice on discord. Im also a twitch streamer.

If theres any mythic raiding guilds recruiting, leave a reply or my discord is enragedshadow#2394 or my bnet is enragdshadow#1166.