(A) DPS Feral main with Rogue/Hpal alts LF raiding guild

As per the title, I am a DPS feral main who has recently rerolled on Arugal looking for a raiding guild. I prefer raiding on weeknights anywhere from 19:00 - 24:00 but I can attend on weekends if necessary. I also maintain a Rogue and Hpal and am highly open to split raids.

What I bring to the raid:

  • Always fully consumed, enchanted, gemmed, BoE geared, etc
  • Well researched, both my class and fights
  • An attitude to always bring the most I can to the raid through maximizing my performance
  • A good attitude, wanting to improve and learn and help others, and have fun

What I want from my guild:

  • A guild who actively does content together outside of raid hours with a focus on dungeons, etc
  • A guild with like-minded players who want to get through content, bring their best to the raid, and have a fun time.

If you think I/you are a good fit, please message me on on discord: gib#8877

(I will provide you with logs and a detailed retail/classic raid history)