A <Downfall> looking for DPS for late night raiding!

Downfall was 3/8M in Uldir but we have had half of our raid group decide not to come back for BoD so we are looking to fill our roster back up! We are currently 9/9H and are looking for several DPS to get back into Mythic. Will take just about any DPS class that knows their stuff but would especially love to get a mage in our raid!

We raid Wed/Thurs/Mon from 10pm to 1am Central time. On off nights we have several people who group up to run M+ keys.

We also have a second raid called Galaga which is at 4/9H and raids earlier at 7pm-10pm CST Thursday & Sunday that is looking for all roles, including a tank, heals and primarily melee dps!

Please feel free to contact me here or in game at Tearz#1300 or an officer: Kaluu#1909 or rvutien#1654 for late night; and for Galaga: DragonKnight#1580.

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We’re still looking for DPS to contact us!

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It seems like there is a couple of other guilds on the server who are in the same situation. I wonder if you guys could find one to merge with.

Only problem is that I believe we are the only late night guild on the server and I would imagine it would be hard to find a guild willing to raid 2-3 hours later than they usually do!

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Hey, I would love to talk more with you about where your guild is at and what you are looking for.

Reach out to me on discord:


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