[A] Down Fall [A] Recruiting with Plans On Raiding

To Join look for Grymstone or Myk in game

Raid Days and Times: Tuesday and Thursday
5-8pm Server Time, 6-9 Mountain Time, 7-10 Cent, and 8-11 Easter
Loot for Kara is going to be need before greed, main spec then off spec.,
Kara Raid leader is a very knowledgeable Pally Tank
On 25 mans we will migrate to a DKP system

The goal is to get a solid first core group and depending on success and growth work toward 1-2 more groups.

(what we have Tank Pally, Priest Healer, MB Hunter)
Looking for
Off Tank: Bear Druid or Warrior
Healers 2: None priest
Swing Healer: 1
1 other DPS

Rules are simple:
No Drama
No Divas
No Jackasses
No Politics or Real World Drama

What we want
Good stories
relaxation, what is the point of a game if it isn’t fun and relaxing.
Some thick skin can help

Head Cheese -GM
Cat Herder -Raid leader
Head Hunter - Recruiter
Butter Bar -JR Officer

Wanna Do More -someone who helps but wants to do more
Helping Hands -Some one helps
Maniac -Not so new member
Hangout -New Member

Promotion based on what you do, not time in guild

Coming along, slow but steady. If anyone has any questions please let me know and I will do by best to answer them

You guys still coming along?