[A] <Disturbia> (9/9H BoD) is recruiting social members and for our raid team

Social Leveling Members
We’re recruiting! For social members, we are openly recruiting. Our only two requirements for social members are to be 21+ and be respectful (don’t be a jerk :slight_smile:)

Disturbia has been a very active guild on Medivh/Exodar since Cata. We currently have ~250 distinct accounts in guild. We offer monthly open “Fun Runs” that generally hit the latest raid on Normal, have ongoing games in guild (currently a scavenger hunt in game), have an annual “Guild Birthday” celebration with lots of fun events, occasionally run the timewalking raids when they come around, and lots more.

If you’re interested in joining us with your main, leveling an alt here, or just want to check us out - please contact us! Contact any officer in game for more information: Mizbehaving, Tarayn, Fibbs, Raffie, and Nilrem. If we aren’t on, feel free to send me a message. You can also contact me on my battletag: Miles#1492.

Raid Team Members (currently 9/9H BoD)
Looking ahead to 8.2, we are also recruiting select classes for our main raid team. We are a casual team whose mantra is “We are here to have fun and down bosses - not either - BOTH”. Our goals are generally to clear the current raid on Heroic and whenever we have the numbers, we might hit a mythic toward the end of the tier. You will never be raged at for making mistakes with us.

Classes we are looking for (basically the ‘buff’ classes):
Demon Hunter
(all are being recruited as DPS but available heal/tank OS is great)

For more information, please contact me. Can also fill out an app here:
www .disturbiaguild.com

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Bump! Looking for more great people to join us! (contact information above)

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