[A] <Dissention> 17/17 25m Tues/Weds 6pm

Dissention is a casual raiding guild with 17/17 bosses. We run 2 groups of 25m and 2 groups of 10m. We are a large, active and friendly group.

  • Group 1 25m Tues/Weds @6pm server.

  • Group 2 25m Fri/Sat @9pm server. LF an enhance shaman, a ret paladin, (open atm for melee), hunter, 2 shadow priest preferably, druid heals, shaman heals, paladin heals.

exceptional players of all classes welcome to apply

reply here or contact Gengar on Discord@ (Pabuthepanda#6824)


Do you have a discord?


Yeah you can message me on discord and I will give you the server info, that is my discord up there.



I’m interested in your open Hpal spot on your T/W 6pm grp. Looking for a home for Ulduar HMs. 4.2k GS.
What are my next steps =) ?


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Hey! contact Gengar on Discord@ (Pabuthepanda#6824)

4134 GS DK Tank looking for a home. Tried to DM on discord but wouldnt go through


Team 1 would love to find someone that gives out cookies, thanks.