A different proposal to replace layering

I would use the thread i made some time ago for this, but most people would just read the OP and think that thats my proposal instead of what I’m posting here… so I’m making a new thread

so, layering has posed a remarkable problem, aside from people making friends 3 times slower than before on average(which is also a problem); said problem is layer hopping
like Monkey News has proven in the beta, layer hopping can be abused to farm mining(and herbalism) nodes quickly by effectively forcing a node to respawn twice after you nab it by layer hopping twice
like Monkey News has also proven, people are NOT going to have the other two layers camped; they instead will tap a node, get it on the next layer, then get it on the next layer, and then move onto the next node location

that is, when a node is one, the version of that node on the other two layers will be gone shortly thereafter because why wouldn’t they?

I did want to plan to be the first 300 axesmith on my server(though it seems I can’t due to my work schedule), but if I was gonna do it, then I’d get it a ton faster by abusing layering and getting ahead of the curve in the starting zone like i normally did on private servers

depending on the profession; being the server-first 300 of a profession or sub-profession can have a LOT of economic advantages, and get you your epic mount alot sooner than you otherwise would, and layering would be a HUGE game-changer for me if I had the time to play like I used to on pservers

anyway, heres the proposed solution to the problem

instead of layering, have dynamic respawns BY SUB-ZONE, and increase the server caps to 9k until a month or so has passed(wouldn’t layering also mean that the population cap would be divided by 3 after said month or so has passed?)
for example, if a sub-zone, such as palemane rock, has too many players in it, then the respawn rates of everything in the sub-zone would accordingly increase… without making the respawn rates of everything else in mulgore also increase

this would mean that, if you’re deep into the palemane rock cave and then a ton of players zone in, then that place’s respawn rates increase, which probably won’t cause enemies to spawn on top of you before you’re ready for it because, by the time that happens, the ton of players will have reached you because they were looking for mobs to tag

and it would mean that nobody would be getting 3 times more herbs or ore than they’re supposed to get

I wrote this on a whim; is there anything wrong with this? any holes in the proposal? please do tell me while I sleep
I would’ve posted this in the morning, but I think that its important that this idea gets out there sooner than later, especially since the developers had probably expected to not have a reason to replace layering

You’re also proposing that we raise the player cap on the server to the same value as Layering would do, without accounting for the density besides “dynamic respawns”. Which is to say, you want to make it like Private Server launches. Something even the old Devs like Mark Kern have said was an awful mess.

well, all else I can think of is having layering just be in the 1-10 starter zones for the first few days, and then also in the 10-20/25 zones until layering is over; that way, when the barrens has barely anyone in it on day 2 and someone is farming tin and silver ore while they still can, they won’t be getting it 3 times faster than they’d be intended to get it
okay bedtime for real

Maybe read some other threads on solutions to the issues with layering, instead of adding another pointless thread for its removal.

Layering is going to happen. We need to roll with the punches, and lobby to fix the problems with it, rather than bury heads in the sand.

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at login assigned a layer, and given a debuff that doesnt allow you to switch layers in any way, for 30 minutes. once you switch layers at end of 30 minutes, receive new debuff that doesnt allow you to switch layers for another 30minutes, even if you relog

the timer can be changed so that it’s shorter. 30 minutes its just more of a guarantee that stuff has been allowed to respawn and stay unfarmed for a bit.

Way too late, its in the beta phase.

Yeah. Infinite respawns would be greeeeaaattt…

All the Night Elves are killed between the Furbolg cave and the Spider cave.

hey, theres a good idea
it could be an invisible red debuff that does or doesn’t(preferably doesn’t) count towards the debuff limit

That’s not layering; that’s sharding.

well, what if you couldn’t switch a zone’s layer without re-logging?
that’d be a difference from sharding

It’d also make grouping up with friends impossible.

Sorry, pal. Just be glad layering is confirmed to not be sticking around past Phase 1, hopefully earlier.