[A] DH (Havoc & Vengeance) i424 - Looking for active Guild with great community doing a variety of PvE content

Just started playing again. Last expansion played was Legion. My gym partner finally wore me down and I got the itch again. :slightly_smiling_face:

I love MMOs and have been playing them since they were called MUDs (early text online RPGs).

I typically main tanks but also enjoy DPS. My wife is playing as well and she mains healers.

I’m ideally looking for a good sized guild that does a variety of PvE content and has a good, supportive community. I’ll probably need a lot of help early on figuring out wtf to do, but in no time I’ll be a contributing member returning the favor to others.

I’d also like the guild to have an active discord where people talk, get on voice, etc. The social, community, helpfulness aspect of a guild is key. I need the help now, and a huge part of the fun once I “get gud!” again is helping other people.

While I understand the point of gaming is fun, I take my gaming somewhat seriously. There is a time for goofing off and a time to try hard and succeed.

I also play warrior, hunter, and rogue. Warrior was my main before Legion.