[A] <Devout> on Darkspear looking for more raiders

About us: We’re a tight knit guild with bold personalities and we’re looking for more members to participate in end game content. From raids to mythic plus to pvp and even transmog farming.

What we are looking for: Experienced players with a penchant for end game content that are open to constructive criticism . Be ready to make some new buds.

Raid times: 930 est - 1230 est

Raid days: Tuesday with optional sunday
Pending change as shadowland approaches: Tuesday and Wednesday with optional sunday

Current needs: Any who are interested may apply. DPS and heals are a priority

Contact- Eblic#1168 on Bnet or Eblic#6047 on discord

Looking for Ranged DPS and Healers

If you show promise we will gear you.

If you show promise we will gear you.

Still looking for more ranged to round out our rooster. Full clearing heroic soon and want to get started on mythic. You are never to late to start & catch up.

Can gear swap semi serious players. Still need some range. Mythic soon and you can get in if you speak up! -Chase

464 iLvl Tank/DPS 11/12 H 2/12M

Hell yea the more the merrier. Still looking for more ranged but all can apply. Can gear you if you are as serious as we wanna be. Its the end of the xpac no stress easy clears.

Still LF DPS? I’ve got a Ret Pally and MM Hunter at 60 that are looking for a raiding home/community.