[A] <Death&Taxes> Seeking All Classes

Please check the listings below for open positions:

  1. Death and Taxes is seeking a skilled Holy Paladin and 1 Hunter for BWL launch day, as well as regularly scheduled raids on Wednesday nights at 9:30 Server Time. MC is cleared in 1 hour. Flasks and other consumables will be provided in Blackwing Lair. Please see contact details below. Applicants with logs are preferred, but not required.

  2. We are also seeking ALL classes of all gear levels for our second “catch up” Molten Core raid, regularly scheduled for 7:30 Server Sundays. This raid is designed to foster talent and is perfect for newly dinged 60s looking to catch up. ALL level 60 players will be considered!

Please Contact Bano
IGN Bano / ALT Onab
Discord ID: Bano#1147
Any Death and Taxes member online may also direct you to an available officer.

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