[A] <DAWN> 2/12M 12/12H recruiting for all content!

DAWN is a friendly community of players looking for new members for Social Events, Mythic+ and Raiding. We are passionate about playing with others who are just as driven about the game. We like pushing our classes and collective as far as we can go, and helping others do the same in a fun, supportive environment.

While we do content that tends to be on the end-patch, we are more than happy to have new players in our ranks that are still learning and unfamiliar with mythic or raiding content. Our community is great for players who have a lot of questions about spec, rotations, builds, general game play knowledge and more.

• SOCIAL: Our guild is always down for silly banter and making others comfortable and getting to know each other. We run social events with prize rewards, like games or trivia, achievement runs, transmog, etc.

• MYTHIC+: Our ranks are always running weekly Mythic+ and are always down to help gear guildies who are just starting out. Our ranks are comfortable pushing keys up to +16. Additionally, ranking up in the guild will provide extra consumables and increased guild repair. Our guildies are key addicts and are more than happy to run or push keys. Dawn holds some of the highest Raider IO scores in the realm. During push weeks, we run a Mythic+ event Sunday evenings at 7PM CST and do keys 10+ with our guildies.

• CASUAL RAID: Every Wednesday 7:00-9:00pm CST.

This raid group runs based guildies available week to week, and who qualifies, it has no set team besides the Tanks hosting it. Typically healing spots are pretty competitive, so everyone is encouraged to run an DPS in off-spec so they can be allowed to stay the full duration of raid and have an opportunity to loot for their other spec and practice the fights. To qualify to join us, players will have need to have read up on the bosses/watched videos and be able to follow instructions. This raid is significantly more casual than our progression group, though we are still focused on tactics and downing bosses so everyone can enjoy loot. All raid consumables are provided by the guild.


2/12M 12/12H Progression team runs on every Tuesday & Thursday @ 7:00-9:30pm CST.

• All players interested in the progression team are required to try out during one of our casual raids to gauge eligibility. Players interested in our progression raid group should have read up/watched videos on all bosses, have at least read up on the the changes between raid difficulties, as well be able to listen to instructions and strategy that may differ from standard online guides. Additionally, players on this team and aiming to be there are considered the best of the best that Dawn has to offer. We expect that players are consistently researching their class, gearing outside of raid time, and investing in their build. All raid consumables are provided by the guild.

This team has jumped straight into Nyalotha and is currently ranked alliance server #1 at 12/12H 2/12M.

Reach out to our Raid Leader, Notatank-Azshara | Battle Tag: DeathlyOmen#1661 for more information on a try-out for the Progression team.

For a general invite to the guild, you can PM the Raid Leader or apply through the in-game application system, and find us listed under “Raids”. There are no spec limitations/requirements to joining us for Social, or Mythic+.