[A] Dark Tide Raiding Guild (3/8M - 8/8H)


Dark Tide[Alexstrasza-A] is a casual raiding guild with almost ten years of raiding experience. We are currently 8/8H and 3/8 M AEP, and we are recruiting raiders of all experience and skill levels to join our team.

Dark Tide raids on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays from 7:45 PM-10:30 PM server time (CST)

Although we consider all classes and specializations for our raid group, we are especially looking for the following:

-Caster DPS, especially Mages (BADLY needed), Shadow Priests and Balance Druids

-Melee DPS, especially Rogues, Paladins and Death Knights

-1 or 2 Healers, especially Shamans and Paladins (Having a viable DPS offspec is a major plus!)

Please don’t hesitate to apply even if your specialization is not on this list. Raid slots are decided on a performance-first basis, and we strive to give all players who want to raid with us a fair shot.

If performance is an issue, we will work with you depending on our availability and your availability. Note that Discord is required (you don’t necessarily have to talk, but you do have to be able to listen).

If you are interested in joining our raiding group, or have any questions regarding our group, please contact myself, Zhengshi, Minorpains, Phyrëfly or Emokins(all Alexstrasza) in-game. Thank you for your time and interest, and we hope to see you in Azshara’s Eternal Palace and beyond.

Edit 2/5/2019: Updated Progress for the start of Battle of Dazar’alor and updated recruitment status

Edit 2/11/2019: Conclave of the Chosen and King Rastakhan H down, bringing us to 6/9H!

Edit 4/21/2019: Updated progress and recruitment priorities. We are now 3/9M BoD and 1/2H CoS!

Edit 9/27/2019: We are still alive!
(One of our hunters forgot to click off Feign Death) Updated progress and recruitment priorities for Azshara’s Eternal Palace

Edit 10/4/2019: Blackwater Behemoth Mythic is dead! We are now 2/8M

Edit 10/11/2019: Radiance Mythic down! We now stand at 3/8M


Hello, I saw you all are in BoD at the moment so I didn’t want to bother anyone. I’m a spriest (1.1k io, aotc, 390 ilvl) looking for a new guild (mine fell apart after too many raiders quit the game). Anyway, I need to log but I’m looking for a new raid team so let me know if you’re still looking!… PM me @Huck1632 if I don’t see any of you in game before that! Thanks!


Hey Aquathicks!

We’d be happy for you to try out to see if our guild is a good fit for you, and vice versa. Is the @ for your discord, or for your Battlenet? Anyway, I’ll try to get in touch with you in-game to follow up after I finish work for the day. Thank you very much for reaching out!


Hello, I’m a beastmastery hunter who is looking for a guild to join that can offer me the raiding experience, currently my item level is incredibly low, clocking in at 278, but I am working hard to get that number to raid ready and mythic dungeon ready. just PM me and schwippy#1480 and I’ll catch one of you guys later!


Hello Caps,

My sincere apologies for not getting back to you sooner. We’d be happy to help you gear up for raiding if you are still looking for a home! I will be in touch shortly. Thank you so much for reaching out!