[A] Dark Sun Knights LFM

Dark Sun Knights , a casual progression guild since Wrath. We are all adults. Our raiding nights are Tuesday and Wednesday, 8:30 to 11 pm EST. After raid and on other nights plenty of M+ and even a little PvP.

What you will get here is a friendly adult place with folks knowledgeable about the game but also realize we all have lives and jobs outside of WoW. What we are not likely to do is raid Mythic. We do enjoy fun nights on older content some may have missed. We play the game for fun and enjoyment and the shared pleasure of reaching goals both small and large.

If this what you’re looking for in a guild, feel free to in-game mail me, contact me at Agelaus#1304 or send me a tell.

Regards, Xak

Now raiding new content. Come for the geometry, stay for the jokes.