[A] [Dalaran] <D'vali> Recruiting for progression in Shadowlands

D’vali (EST. Feb 1996) is a PVE/M+/Raiding and Event oriented organization. We do not label ourselves casual or hardcore because we do not fit within either guideline. We feel that we are beyond such labels. Both our raiding and event schedules allow for greater flexibility of those who work and attend school full time while still allowing us to progress in the game.

Our average age range is approx. 25 - 55 with a few above and below that range. We are a mature content organization. We look for maturity and the ability to work as a team.

We are not a guild; we are a family. This family is composed of like-minded people from around the planet with different skin tones, accents, belief systems, sexual preferences, and upbringings. Despite that, we come together over VoIP, Video Games, and a common desire to have fun and surpass all of that.

We do not recruit characters, avatars, toons, or users. We recruit People! Living, breathing people with husbands, wives, kids, significant others, and lives. We are not looking for the glory hounds of the internet; we do not feel the need to prove anything to anyone with IO scores or bosses killed; it is not our style. We seek Honor, Integrity, and Truth.

Our priority needs are:

Awesome, cooperative players. All group-oriented players who share our mindset will be considered for a spot regardless of spec or current needs. Remember, we like to have fun and are looking for like-minded players also interested in having fun, leveling, socializing, and progressing in Mythic + and Raids. If interested, or for further information, you can post here or a message:



We are always looking for more folks.

Hi! What time are your raids?

Hi Kitrenia!

We are trying to make our raid times to fit with folks in the US and EU region so currently, they are Saturdays and Sundays from 10am till 1pm sever time. We are leaving the start and end times a little loose currently incase we need to shift slightly to align with people’s schedules.

We do not raid during the week because we understand and respect that people have lives and responsibilities so do not want to impose on their weekly rituals.

Qelran, I sent you a friend request on battle.net (BloodEagle #1548) from Healidude. That’s the name of the first character (dwarf priest) I created. Bellwyn is one of my alts and I’m not sure why the name tag flipped. The character I use now is an Enhancement Shaman.
Your raid times (Sat/Sun) seem to work perfectly with my schedule and I really enjoyed your recruitment post. It seems to be exactly what I am looking for in a guild. What’s the general next step in your recruitment process? I look forward to hearing from you.

Hey Healidude!

I have sent you a message on Battle.net with simple instructions on how to join us and am looking forward to hearing back from you.

And thank you for the kind words. We hope to bring together folks looking for a fun adventure free of the trolling, toxicity, and elitism that plague so many MMOs these days.

Pre-patch is imminent . We welcome you to join us on our Shadowlands adventures.

The day of the pre-patch has come and the dust is still settling. Everyone is getting used to the changes and while some are cheering, others are silently crying inside at what has happened to their beloved classes.

Through it all, D’vali has been saving a place for you at the table, to join us in the elation and the pain that the changes will bring. All you have to do is sit and partake with us.

Are you ready to join us?

Prepare for the Scourge Invasion and join us in defending Azeroth.

I played WOW from 2004-Draenor. I was a GM, raid leader, made videos, wrote a WOW blog, etc etc
That being said, I am returning as possibly a casual player and looking for other players around my age to just hang out with while I figure out what I am doing back on WOW lol.
My current server is beyond dead, so I am looking for a new home (transfer).
I sent BloodEagle a friend request if you are interested in talking further.
My main is now holy priest, but this warlock will always be my fave character.
Thanks for reading.

Hi Chatmay,

For whatever reason, I have not received a friend request yet on either Bnet or discord. What name did you send me the friend’s request so I can keep an eye out?

will send again from Chatmay to Bnet

Hello! I am looking for a guild, and your recruitment post has me intrigued, but I am usually only able to play late night/early morning due to my work schedule. I notice you mention having members from around the globe, so my main question is:

How active is this guild during late night/ early morning, say between midnight and 9 AM (EST)?

I log on everyday around 5-6am EST and there is (for now) at least 5-7 people on, so I would say “sorta” currently…but we are ALWAYS recruiting awesome people so the chances of getting more in your playtime are good.

5 - 7 that early is encouraging, actually. I’m at work for around 4 more hours, who is the best recruitment officer to get in touch with through bnet at that time (10PM EST)?

Regardless of when you are on, you can just hit “J” in game and in the search box type Dvali and hit apply. If no one else gets it before I am up tomorrow I will be happy to accept it for you.