[A] Dalaran, 402 BM Hunter, LF casual Heroic, Fri/Sat night, or Sunday morning/afternoon

I took a break from WoW to do RL stuff last year. I started playing again a month ago, and thought I would be able to just do totally casual. But the raiding bug has struck me again. And to add to that, all of the people I was playing with, are no where to be seen.

So now I’m looking for a new guild, and also new friends. I’ve raided Mythic on different characters. Legion I primarily played my hunter in a Heroic guild, and settled on playing her for my return to BFA.

About me: Nerdy, dorky, gamer. On Sunday nights, I play Palladium Rifts. I have two cats, Kalimdor and Antonica. I know you all will get the first reference, but what about the second?!

I’m hoping to find a guild on Dalaran, Alliance, that raids Friday and Saturday nights, hopefully not too late.

Hey Thryna,

We have some folks that love Everquest 2 as well, though I have not had the chance to play it, I have heard a lot of good things.

I am hoping the times that we have are not too far off, though we do raid on a weekday. I’ll post my advertisement and if you are interested please feel free to add me.

Heck, add me anyway and we can do things cross realm anytime.

I have a guild called The Killer Bunnies that is Alliance side on Duskwood/Bloodhoof. We run dungeons, do holiday content, time walkers, we plan to get that Deathwing anniversary mount etc.

We are also a heroic raiding guild that is in need of DPS (preference for ranged). We are a 2 raid night/week guild that raids evenings @ 9 to 11 pm est - Tuesday’s and Fridays. We are AOTC every raid and are currently 7/8 EP.

I also have a cross server group where you can meet us before transferring and even come along on raid/m+/fun run nights.

I hope to hear from you Thryna :slight_smile:
Bnet: Anaranae#1516
Discord: Anaranae#3307