[A] <Dad Rock> 8/8 (N), 4/8 (H) - Recruiting Chill Players

Hey all,

We are a tight group of friends between 25-35 and looking to open our doors to folks who’d like to come raiding with us, do high keys in m+, and generally have fun. We’ve regularly one-shot normal Vault every week in about 2-3 hours. We knock out the first 4 bosses of heroic in one shot both this week and last. Most of us are 400 ilvl or higher, but there’s no requirements to join. We really need ranged DPS and healers, but we’d take anyone interested to expand our core raid group. We also do dabble in PvP as some of our guildies are highly focused on arenas.

Discord is available and used daily by many of us, server code here: uHGtqgNR

Otherwise, please reach out to me in-game at any time when you see me online. Looking forward to hearing from you!

37 dad here. I mostly play tank
I have a 402 warrior , 401 dh 392 blood dk/ unholy dk and 385 preservation evoker.

Would love to find a chill guild that raids and runs m+ , message me on bnet catizone#1295