[A] <Cryptic> Active Raiding & PvP Guild Recruiting!

Hello from < Cryptic >!
We are an active raiding & PvP guild recruiting more members for the new patch that will soon be arriving. We accept anyone who is interested in both Heroic & Mythic Raiding, Mythic Keys, PvP (everything that is PvP) etc.

Socials, casuals and levelers are always welcome.

Heroic Progression Raid nights are Mon & Wed. 7:30pm - 10:30pm ST.
Recruiting: All DPS, Healers, and 1 Tank.
*Once heroic is cleared we will start mythic progression for the Wednesday night slot and heroic will continue for Monday nights. To be eligible for a mythic raid position, you will be required to have consistently attended majority of the heroic raid nights. - This applies to both new and current members.

Mythic FUNgeons on Friday nights 8pm ST onwards.
*We run this to help gear and learn mechanics in a friendly pug free zone. We will be starting at low keys and working our way up to +10’s.
*Higher mythic key runs are held throughout the week when people are available and keen.

PvP Madness on Saturday nights 8pm ST onwards.
*This is our night to just chill and relax with eachother while having a few drinks and a good laugh. Includes: Warmode adventures, premade BGs, CTA quests, PvP islands.
*Arenas are held throughout the week when people are available and keen.

Find us ingame via /who Cryptic or msg me directly on Kaleiya or add me Kaleiah#1394.

Hope you have an awesome day!