[A] Cry Havoc Recruiting for Raiding!

Cry Havoc is looking for all able bodied players for our main team moving forward.

We here at Cry Havoc have a chill atmosphere and have members who are willing to help one another with whatever problems they need. Besides running raids we also have many members who enjoy running high key mythic+ dungeon runs as well as low key runs to help ease anyone into doing mythic + content. We also have a small group of PvPers who enjoy doing arenas.

Our current raid progression for BFA is 3/8 heroic in Battle of Dazar’alor. Our current raid times are Tuesday and Thursday from 6:00pm to 8:30pm Pacific Time.

We are currently open to any dps/healer role. We are currently looking for any raider to have atleast a minimum of 385 ilvl with atleast a 38 neck. If you are not currently there we have many members who will run whatever you need to bump yourself up to these requirements.

Thank you for interest in Cry Havoc and we hope to have you raiding with us soon! :slight_smile: