[A] <Crit Tickler> 9/10H Fated Nathria Wed/Thursday 8:30p -11pm Recruiting for Prog

About Us

We are a progression-oriented guild. We are founded by a group of friends wanting to enjoy the best the expansion has to offer. Our intention is to form a friendly and team-oriented core group to go as far as possible in raiding-wise in Shadowlands.

We push end content such as Raiding, M+, or Rated Battlegrounds, but we do so at a slower pace to accommodate work and families. Because of this, we prize efficiency, teamwork, timeliness and patience when we do group content; whether it’s achieving AOTC, dipping into mythic raiding, or doing rated PVP. We are looking for players with a similar mindset; people who are looking to push Shadowlands endgame content at a reasonable schedule.

Because of our limited schedule, we expect every individual on our team to be able to pull their own weight in terms of DPS, healing, and mechanics. Learning and questions are also highly valued. We don’t expect to get things right on the first try, but we expect each other to evolve and grow from these experiences so we can achieve greater and better things together. We also expect people to not get frustrated or toxic when the group is learning during prog.

Equally important to us is our community. We offer a safe, friendly, and supportive environment for people to experiment with content in Shadowlands. This is strictly enforced within our values and our leaders are fully accountable to these principles.

We are looking for more to join our community and move forward onto casual mythic level prog raiding.

Our current needs are:

Exceptional players will be considered. Also happy to accept members primarily interested in M+.

We raid:

Wednesdays 8:30 PM EST - 11 PM EST
Thursdays 8:30 PM EST - 11 PM EST

Contacts: Bnet: Pilly#11429


Hello, bumping this :smiley:

Looking for more folks (DPS!) for our team!

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Hey I would be interested in joining with my Druid and would be willing to play any role outside of kitty dps! Raid times and goals align with what I am looking for!

Hey Akumbana! Feel free to add me on bnet: Pilly#11429 !


Pineapple pizza raiders only please. One healer, a few dps. I BELIEVE!

this is how i dps iklbghiobhgouydzrhbouyzdxbhouyhbouyghouyzhgyouhzouygh.
that is all thank you

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DPS! We’re looking for you!

Best guild on the server

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Join our parties, it’s pretty awesome!

we’re pretty cool, should come hang out with us :stuck_out_tongue:

Most of us are cool except Benjynx. He’s just on fiyah.

best guild ever!

btag sent (Kovo), look forward to chatting!

still looking for dps?