[A] Crimson Vanguard - Shadowmoon now recruiting! M+ 10 normal

Crimson Vanguard - Shadowmoon now recruiting!

Getting back into WoW for Shadowlands and need a home? Crimson Vanguard is looking for like-minded

individuals to join our ranks!

Crimson Vanguard (CV) started in November 2004 and is one of the oldest Shadowmoon guilds still

active. We started the WoW guild back in classic but were playing other games together years before;

Counter-Strike, Warcraft III, Rainbow Six, Eve, Ark, to name a few.

While we are recruiting for members to join us in WoW, we are much more than a WoW guild. We are a

band of brothers that have been playing games together for almost two decades. We all cherish the

sanctity of our small community and will be vigilant protecting it to ensure all members feel comfortable

and enjoy their time with us.

We are currently preparing for Shadowlands by getting some of our newer members leveled up and

helping with older content. We are also pushing mythic + and LFR-raiding but need your help to amass

enough members to complete content on our own.

What are we looking for in an ideal member?

  • Like-minded individuals interested in discovering Shadowlands content in an old guild.

  • Interest in pushing mythic + keys and normal raids (beer raid/casual) and occasional PvP.

  • Willingness to help other members complete content.

  • Desire to become part of a small gaming community that often plays other games.

  • Minimum 21 years old.

  • Comfortable joining our public discord channel.

What CV offers:

  • Friendship

  • Mythic + runs with members to push keys

  • Running casual raids and skipping the LFR queue, always casual.

  • Occasional world PvP and battlegrounds.

  • Support to help you get back or introduction to WoW.

  • Opportunity to play other games as well

What type of people are in CV?

  • 30ish year-old adults from all sorts of backgrounds

  • Irreverent jokesters, never politically correct

  • Truly decent people, some with families

  • Former hardcore gamers that want to progress

Are you interested?

  • Join our Discord at discord.gg/KJWQsNAjEs

Please reach out to Beolor#0256 or Rexorfelon in game on Shadowmoon in WoW

TLDR- Old casual WoW guild looking for fresh members for Shadowlands. Will be pushing Mythic + keys

and doing normal raids. Come for WoW, stay for the other games.