[A] Couple of returning players looking for a chill guild

A couple of returning players looking for a laid-back guild for M+ shenanigans and good bants.

We prefer the smaller guilds and thoroughly enjoy working with new guilds - helping them build from the ground up.

We’re both working professionals, so unable to commit to anything above Heroic raiding - the partner is relatively new to the game and has never raided before but is quick on their feet; I’ve mostly done heroic. I’ve mainly returned to WoW for M+, so I would love to get into low-mid keys again. I enjoy running newbies/low levels through M+.

Flick me a DM if you think we’d complement your guild.

If you are still looking, We Raid Backwards is pretty much exactly what you have described. Currently regrowing our guild with a core bunch of mature players with the understanding of what it is like with RL commitments.

Hey Schafrichter and Calthea – my friend and I might be keen to join up either with Schafrichter or We Raid Backwards.

We’re returning players, looking for a mature and chilled out guild. We actually have a thread up already.

Hey all I’m the second half of this friendship :joy:

Happy to join a guild. Stared pushing Mythic 8+ last night with my 397 Evoker. Seems fine so far. Very few deaths except one run with an OP tank and his undergeared presumably tired partner who kept pulling everything by mistake :joy:. We completed it 8+ but missed the timer.

I’m also free most weekends during the day 2-5 or 6 depending on other half commitments :rofl:

Ok blizzard you really need to employ more UX designers :joy:

Posted with wrong character selected. This one should be my Evoker…

If you are keen just apply in guild finder or message me for more info bnet: KillerAngel#6770