A couple of questions please

I need assistance and have some questions please. I am a long-time player but running into a few problems.

Firelands Legendary:

  1. Any plans to make the Firelands Legendary mount account-wide for those who have the staff already on one character?

a. I am having a long-time (for years of trying) trouble getting it on multiple characters, my toons are too powerful to complete the staff quest, even after taking off all gear.

b. I have it on one character. I hate carrying the staff around, I’m afraid I’ll lose the staff and I would like to use the staff mount on multiple characters.

  1. Will there be more detail on Quest-Chain quests in-game?

a. For example, I would like to get more class mounts for my characters that do not have them, however, I cannot seem to find where I am on the quest chain. It’s frustrating.

b. Another example, there are some areas blocked off until you do a quest-chain, and I don’t know where some of my toons are on it or what do I do if I lose the next quest, etc.

  1. What happens if I lose my authenticator?

Thank you.

Have you tried also killing the characters and taking the spirit rez repeatedly so as to weaken them significantly?

UPDATE: There will be significant changes to resurrection sickness (i.e., duration reduced to 1 minute) starting with Dragonflight. So if using this method, it would be best to do so before the changes take place.


Wowhead can be helpful with finding your way in quest chains.

Legion attunement tracker: https://www.wowhead.com/attunement/legion


Customer Support has zero involvement with the development and implementation of the game so that really isn’t something we can answer.

For game help on how to accomplish what you want, Kyzerea provides some good advice.

If you have a physical authenticator? You’d need to contact our Support Staff via the Support Site to have it removed. If you are referring to a mobile Authenticator which would be on a mobile phone, you can do the same. Though if you have copied down the serial and restore codes on the app, you should be able to update any new phone you get so you can continue using it on your account.


Do you have the Soft Foam Sword toy from the toyshop in Dalaran? It helps with a lot of quests that you may be overpowered for.


The Soft Foam Sword toy is great for out in the world quests, but it is disabled inside instances.