[A] <Core> Looking To Expand M+ & Progression Raid Teams

Who We Are

Core (4/9 H) is an Alliance end-game raiding guild on the Greymane-Tanaris server. We are one of the longest running raiding guilds on the server and are a diverse mix of old guard vanilla players, cata babies, and everything in between. We’re looking to expand our progression raid and M+ teams.

Who We’re Looking For (Raiding)

We are actively recruiting RDPS (boomkin preferred) and Heals (monk preferred) for our raid team but are always willing to discuss recruitment with skilled players who can commit to a two night per week raiding schedule and are thus able to contribute to the progression of Core.

Who We’re Looking For (M+)

We are currently looking for all roles, but healers are preferred.


We raid weekly on Tue/Wed evenings from 7:00 PM to 10:30 PM Server Time (CST) and do M+ runs throughout the week. If you can commit to an 80% raid attendance policy and are looking for a comfortable guild that enjoys raiding and progressing into all the content WoW has to offer, Core just might be the place for you.

Cross Realm Community

We also have a cross-realm community option for those who would like to raid with us but cannot otherwise server transfer. However, this option is limited to make sure we maintain enough guild members across our raid team for guild achievements.


If interested, please contact Raganar-Greymane in game, or if he is unavailable, feel free to add the following BattleTags: surjective#11563 and/or HcGamer#1533 to start the process until we can touch base with Raganar about your application.

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