A compromise to [Frozen Orb]'s cooldown reduction

How about making [Blizzard] reduce [Frozen Orb]'s cooldown by 0.5s up to 8 targets and then 0.25s per target beyond that?

I know Frost isn’t bad by any means right now in M+, which is where this nerf was aimed towards, but the gameplay still suffers from this change. I’d rather have this and then nerf the [Frozen Orb] conduit a bit if it’s still necessary.


So today was released a post outlining how they want to nerf both Survival and Destruction, but still maintain their gameplay intact at 8 targets and below and I think the same treatment should be given to the [Frozen Orb] change.

For those that didn’t see the update post:

theyre probably not interested in sensible nerfs. they nerf to make people reroll and get better time-related stats for the investors :wink:

one day itll bite em in the butt.

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They do not do anything unless it’s a positive business decision.