[A] Classically Bad seeks a player to fill our 10 player raid team (Tuesdays 5:30 PM- 9PM PST)

Classically Bad is looking for a 10th raider to join our causal raid team. We are primarily a group of retail players who want to live, laugh love our way through classic 10-player progression (read: raid logging).

We are seeking (1) of the following:

  1. Off Tank (Warrior, DK, or Bear Druid)
  2. …Or DPS (Balance Druid, Warrior, DK, Ret Paladin)

Raid Day is: Tuesday 5:30PM-9:00PM PST

Logs are under Classically Bad
Loot System: 1x Soft Res, Need over Greed (MS>OS)

We have a very lax attitude on loot, we use this system to avoid drama and administration.

The Vibe:

  • We are a mature LGBT+ guild.
  • During the raid we joke, banter and keep the mood relatively light-hearted.
  • All of our players are currently or have played WoW at an advanced level, but are intentionally playing classic a bit more causally.
  • During the tier we eventually settle into a raid-logging pattern and it’s by design.

A Good Fit:

  • Someone who wants to experience classic raiding in a tight knit 10-player team.
  • Someone who is experienced at WoW and knows how to be self-sufficient:
    • Can look up their BiS List.
    • Can learn and play specs at decent level.
    • Knows how sim their character, understands stat weights, know which enchants and consumables to bring to raid.
  • Someone who doesn’t take the game too seriously.

A Bad Fit:

  • You are solo motivated player meaning
    • Looking to parse high
    • Looking to gear up quickly
  • Are not comfortable with LGBT+ Humor

How to Apply:

Message Roderjakar#2466 on discord with:

  • Your Class, Spec, iLvl, Progression and any logs you have.
  • A Meme, Video or Silly post that describes your sense of humor.

If you look like a good fit, we will do a short discord interview.