[A] [Chill Beats] is recruiting in the off-season!

[Chill Beats] is recruiting for the off-season! We’re a group of now 25+ IRL friends (but many started in WoW) that are heavily active on Discord, and having a great time in this slow season.

We’re actively recruiting and building out retail pvp and pve branches, but also playing a variety of games, like:

  • WoW Retail
  • HOTS
  • D3
  • WoW Classic: BC (getting ready for WOTLK)
  • Warhammer
  • Random Steam games
  • Halo

There are always people playing something on disc, it’s a hilarious group of people, and still active folks on WoW too. Feel free to add me vierth#11823 if you’re interested.

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