[A] Children of a Dark Sun (Ren'dorei recruiting)

A scroll is found nailed to the Command Board in Stormwind.

Child of the Void. You have succeeded in your trials and have emerged from the Rift, but your battle is but only beginning. Not only do you have to battle whispers in your head, you also have the opinions and prejudices of the Alliance against you. You made the leap to study the void and Alleria took a chance allowing us into the Alliance. It is up to us to make her decision worthwhile.

We are the Children of a Dark Sun. Followers of the Void who have vowed to follow Ranger-General Darkwhisper on her path to help us find our place among the Alliance. While Alleria is focused on politics, General Darkwhisper ensures we are taken care of and respected among our peers.

Know that you are not alone in all of this. There is no doubt, despite talks of peace, Quel’thalas is the target of many banners within the Alliance. It is up to us, through a united front, to get to our homeland first and recruit more to join us and learn from the void rather than fear it…before something happens.

If you hear the whispers, we do as well. Join us, brothers and sisters, and help us forge a new destiny for our people. In darkness, we will find peace.

We are a brand new Ren’dorei guild who has decided to form up. We plan on doing several campaigns, WPVP, transmog contests, scavenger hunts, and what not. Our campaigns will consist of several chapters and choices that will weave in and out as to what happens in the next chapter.

We can’t wait to see you among us! We’ve got a great leadership core and an even better set of members. :heart:


If you haven’t yet, be sure to pop a post in https://us.forums.blizzard.com/en/wow/t/wra-information-directories-guilds-communities-events/ so we can get your guild listed

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For sure!! =) Thank you so much!! :heart:

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Ellasyr Darkwhisper here! Just wanted to share a little more about the guild with you lovely people.

Children of a Dark Sun was formed after Ellasyr experienced suspicion, mistrust, and even some hostility directed at herself and some of her people during the war, particularly since N’zoth showed his eyeball-y face. Her aim is to unite the Ren’dorei, giving them a safe haven, and an opportunity to prove themselves and their worth to both the Alliance and Azeroth as a whole.

We’re just getting started, but we’re aiming to create a safe and welcoming environment for people here. We encourage people to be active, but we also understand that people have other commitments and lives too. And while we ask that the character(s) you RP with us are Ren’dorei, we allow non-voidy OoC alts into our midst.

That’s all for now! Thanks for reading! :octopus: :purple_heart:


Praise be to the Void! I thank you for all you are doing for our people.

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High Priestess Alaastraiya of this order here to announce our first event! It is a simple meet and greet event for new recruits to learn more about each other, us as officers, and the guild itself!

If you’d like to join our cause, today is an excellent time to do so, for tomorrow is when we all gather as a group!

Please don’t hesitate to contact myself, Ellasyr, or Aeldeyn if you are interested! Our guild is also available to apply to in the Guild Finder!


Bad Aussie timezone mixed with the fact that I lead a guild over on Hordeside will unfortunately preclude me from joining, but I just wanted to give a bump of support, as a fellow Ren’dorei fan!

I really hope this guild goes well! It sounds awesome :smiley:


:grimacing::nauseated_face: tenchar

Ignore this bloke, btw guys. He’s got a tendency to come onto people’s posts and try to bash their RP. Your guild sounds neat and lore abiding to me.


We appreciate it Sarestha! Yeah some people can try to ruin things sometimes. We appreciate all support from everyone!!!


Shut it soljeron


Happy Sunday everyone! We had our first meet and greet last night with some of our new members. More events to come soon. We would love to have more Ren’dorei join us!


Lovely to see a new ren’dorei guild! My play time is fairly sporadic these days, but I’ll probably look you guys up!


Sporadic or not, we would love to have you check us out! Be on the lookout for myself, Aeldeyn, or Alaastraiya in-game if you want an officer to chat with. :smile: :purple_heart:


Awesome! :purple_heart: Hope to meet you soon!


You guys are pretty chill when you pop around the Shady Lady.

Of course you’re on WrA when all of my Velves are on MG. Oh well, bump for support of other Ren’dorei!


Oh no! Well, thank you for the support, and if you ever find yourself with a Void Elf on WrA, do come check us out. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Much appreciated Spirox! Thank you for the support! :smiley:

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Do you guys have a Discord Server?

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