[A] <Challenge Accepted> 10/10M, LF DPS

Looking for range dps or exceptional melee dps to round out roster. Preference for hunter, boomkin, mage. We cycle out of a 21-22 man roster. We are a CE focused guild.

Currently 10/10M CE!
Mythic raid times are Tuesday and Thursday 8-11PM EST. We do not raid a lot, 6 hours, so high performance and consistency is expected. Our ideal candidate will be a veteran raider looking for a more relaxed raid schedule or less experienced raider hungry for mythic content.

Please message one of our officers online if interested.

bump for 7/10M, come join for Mythic Sludgefist progression

One of the TOP 2 nights, 6 hours total raid time, in the US

come for mythic sludge

mythic sludge progression tonight. Will it die?
Come raid in a professional and laid back atmostphere, at 6 hours per week max.
Looking for veteran raiders who want Cutting Edge but only 2 nights X3 hours per week
8-11 EST Tuesday Thursday

bump for pre-nerf sludgefist.
Progressing on Mythic SLG now!

Im shocked too see you guys still here!

We reformed the raid in Shadowlands after a very long break.
More casual schedule at 2 nights X 3 hours per week only.
Striving to be one of the top 2 nights/6hour guilds in US.

bump for CE

bump for 3/10M and AOTC in SoD

LF healers immediate stop open!

Boop for Painsmith prog.

painsmith dies tomorrow. Need 2 exceptional dps.
Melee DPS and hunters.
big pref on a DK, rogue warrior feral druid monk DH