[A] <Casual Company> New casual social guild

Hey everyone!

As time has marched on, I’ve come to the cruel awakening that I’m a washed up filthy casual. But it seems, I’m not alone. Out of frustration for no social hub dedicated to casual players, I’ve founded a new guild that focuses on low stress, social hub, and no commitment.

  • We’re focused on both casual PvP and PvE
  • We provide gold lotteries every month based on guild auto-contributions
  • We provide fun rewards for obtaining new ranks, which is time-based, not effort based.
  • We offer a social hub for everyone to complain about their achy backs

Feel free to message me Vierth#11823 if you’re interested. We were founded last night, so we’re rolling things out right now.

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Have you had any takers yet? I may be interested. I’ve held off on joining a guild because I only play 2-4 hours per week and mostly earlier in the day. I am still leveling up a new character and exploring the expansion content since I last played (WOTLK). Is this too casual for the Company?