A case for Worgen Tails as an option

I see a lot of people asking for Worgen tails, but nobody is bringing up the major points for it. They’re completely overlooking that the Worgen Skeleton actually supports a tail as part of it’s animation set.
-Saurok quests on Isle of Thunder that allows you to walk around as a Saurok. Many of the animations do have the tail moving along with the emote. (/laugh, /kneel, /sleep, etc.) Even if you’re at range and right click a target to go into combat, the tail gently sways side to side. Unfortunately I can’t seem to get the game to lag a bit to check attack animation, but I’m sure Wowhead has a compendium of animations.
-Blackwing Descent Boss, Maloriak. In the Adventure Guide you can even take a look at his model. His tail sways side to side while idle and may have some animation while you’re in combat with him, but I’m too lazy to look into it at the moment.
-I’m sure there are plenty of other examples, but those are the ones I could think of off the top of my head.

Anyway, my point is, the Worgen skeleton and rig supports the addition of a tail so just having it as an option would be great for those that want it. And for those that don’t want tails can keep them off.


You’re right!

Give worgen tails!


I PERSONALLY want tails because:

  1. Anatomically, worgen shouldn’t even be able to stand in two legs without a tail. Their back is too arched forward.
  2. If high elves got their precious blue eyes… I should be able to have a simple tail.

Worgens need more customization and tails are a good option!
Give worgens tails :wolf:


Do it!

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People have brought it up, there have been dozens upon dozens of reasons people have given to support worgen getting an optional tail option.

The only dissenting voices are people going “ew furries” desite there being multiple other bi-pedal anthropromorphic characters with tails in the game already, or “But not all werewolves have tails” which really doesn’t matter in the context of things.

People have even come up with extremely lore friendly ways to introduce it, or explain why it’s only now showing up. :woman_shrugging:

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I worry that if Worgen see their tails they’ll chase it, bite it, and spin in circles in a hilarious manner.

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Sethrak and saberon also use the worgen skeleton and also have tails!

Don’t you want to see that?