A capital for each playable race

The Forsaken have reclaimed Undercity, Gilneans will get Gilneas back apparently, Gnomes will reclaim Gnomeregan at some point but right now they found a new base of operations in Mechagon, and obviously writers have something in store for the Kaldorei. Some races remain without a proper capital though.

  • Ren’dorei : they have Telogrus Rift, but the fragments of a broken world floating in a sea of Void doesn’t sound too practical. What could suit them on Azeroth ? Maybe Crystalsong Forest ? Stormsong Valley ?
  • LF Draenei : Same problem. They do have the Vindicaar, but an actual presence on Azeroth would be good. Idk where though.
  • AU Mag’har : They need something. A wild place that fits them thematically, and would be reminiscent of Draenor. Un’Goro Crater ? Alterac Valley ?
  • Huojin/Tushui : Some place in continental Pandaria ? Or maybe somewhere in their respective factions’ main continent ? I could picture the Huojin in Tanaris or Thousand Needles.
  • Vulpera : Actually they’re a nomadic race, so no capital whatsoever would be okay.

What do you think ? Giving capitals to everyone would be a great way to revisit some forgotten zones and give them some life.


Allied races really don’t need their own capitals lol.

Mag’har, AT MOST, should be integrated via a new section within Orgrimmar instead if just squatting around the Hall of the Brave. And if they ABSOLUTELY need something, have them integrate with the MU Mag’har in Garadar on Outland.

Lightforged too, likewise, should have a section of the Exodar(if the capital isn’t outright revamped into something more suited to being a permanent residence). And like with Mag’har, if they MUST have their own thing(which they really don’t) integrate with the Draenei on Outland in Shattrath or other holdings.

Void Elves just don’t need a capital, period. Their whole fantasy is that they’re a very small group of outcasts, and Telogrous Rift serves that fantasy well living within the seclusion of space.

Playable Pandaren also don’t really need a capital as they are, like the Void Elves, a small group composed of few individuals. Certainly not enough to establish their own society, lol. At most they should be allowed to return to the Wandering Isle or establish a neutral hub in which both groups co-exist to instruct new prospects in their respective ways. Aysa and Ji are still established to have a rather strong friendship despite their differing philosophies and being apart of opposing factions.


Literally all allied races of the alliance have a hub. They don’t need even more of it. Just start giving the Horde some races who can have a city of their own without beating them down. Zandalari are ruined now thanks to the alliance attack.

Garrosh Hellscream built an entire undercity for orcs to use. Why not put them and the goblins inside there? It’s like Blackrock homeland in Gorgrond. They should be happy there. They could also expand into Azshara and make a train line going to Bilgewater Harbor, Rachet, and through the Barrens to Mulgore. Similar to what connects Stormwind to Ironforge, but make it Iron Horde style. Connecting all the Horde holdings into one network.


A fun idea, but not particularly necessary, especially considering how small many of these groups are and their relation to already existing races.

Could be potentially fun, but I personally wouldn’t put it high on my list of content I’d be asking for.

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I dont think every race needs it own capital but I do think there should be more influence to current cities (and maybe non official cities, like echo isles, Gnomergan and bilgewater harbor) could definitely use some allied racial influence

Maghar could definitely been up Orgrimmar with their own section and industrialize the city more

Have Draenei and Lightforged draenei work together and build an actual city on Azuremyst isle rather than just a floating ship (and brought out of TBC era) with the Legion threat mostly dealt with they have no need to run as Azeroth is their new home

Similar to the Draenei, I think Blood Elves and Nightborne elves could definitely bolster up Silvermoon city (also brought out of TBC era)

Echo Isles could use some influence from the Zandalari and Gnomergan finally cleaned up and updated with the help from the mechagnomes

Stormwind docks getting a facelift with their new Kultiran alliance.

Worgen move back into Gilneas and restore it to its former glory, with its aesthetics I think it would be a perfect home for the Void Elves.

Thats just some ideas for the cities but would definitely love to see the world being influenced by Allied Races


Why do you guys think that’s not necessary ? The Race/Allied Race distinction only exists from a gameplay perspective. In terms of lore, they’re full-fledged members of their factions. How many cities and outposts do the Bilgewater or Bronzebeard run ? I’m not asking for Dazar’alor-sized capitals, but ARs just joined factions that fundamentally exist as means for their members to protect their Azerothian interests, so at the very least all playable races should have a main base of operations on Azeroth. Even the Ren’dorei and Lightforged. Something the size of the Echo Isles would be just fine.

The Mag’har need a city because they are quite different from Durotar Orcs in terms of vibes and history, because they have their own Iron Horde technology and aesthetics attached to them, and also because they have Orcs but also Ogres, Ogron, Gronn, Gronnling and Goren. These guys need to build a bustling Breaker city.

Numbers don’t exist. Devs and writers don’t care about them ; they’ll always be as high as the narrative needs them to be. There’s literally no reason to think that the Huojin and Tushi are not enough to establish their own respective societies.

I am not a fan of giving every race a capital. That can be a bit much. Especially where it makes little sense, Gameplay wise. It is a fun idea where it works, but it is not something that should be done for every race.

Give Rendorei a quest to revamp their little rift a bit? Sure. That could be a quest down the line. But a capital? Idk.

Maybe Pandaren get a quest to revamp portions of Pandaria when they get Exalted with Tooshy and Hooshy or what ever their reps are. But a capital? Nah.

Draenei can have quests to build a hub on Argus. New Eredath or something. But it shouldnt be their racial capital where Velen lives, because it is not on Azeroth. Just something for Draenei to do when they are Exalted with their Faction and Max level.

For the Vulpera, home is where the Caravan is. Maybe they can get a quest about establishing wagon trains across places where Maghar Trains can not access. But Vulpera dont need a capital. (Unless we find some long lost Vulpera city some where. But those would be city Vulpera, not our Horde vagabond Vulpera)

Racially themed quests that revamp the world are cool. But they dont have to end with revamped capitals every time.

The Horde has Lorderaen, Mulgore, Orgrimmar, the Echo Isles, Silvermoon and Suramar to name some (two of those used to be part of the Alliance). The Horde has plenty.

This would only work if the “cities” act as leveling zones or as dungeon content rather than just “cities”

Like the Gnomergan city is not just some ruin but an actual city.
But when it becomes a dungeon its still a city but suddenly a machine went out of control and now you and your buddies need to shut it down.
In Orgrimmar this could be a fire that turns out become a rampaging Elemental.
In Stormwind it could be a prison break and you are running from street to street attacking thugs or runaway criminals.

Or just make them zones used for leveling with quests and content all around. World quests too I guess.
But whatever it is I don’t think it should be like the current capitals where they serve no function than just to provide auction houses, blacksmiths and banks. There should be more.

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The mag’har’s capitol should be orgimmar but they should really “upgrade” it. Orgimmar would look nice iron horde tech and draenor monsters like the gronn.

The collective mag’har may have orgrimmar but the clans themselves should spread out to zones with environments that closely match their homes on draenor.

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Are we counting the Echo Isles as the capital of the Darkspear tribe? Because I wouldn’t mind seeing Sen’jin Village expand along the coast. Maybe we could finally push the Northwatch out of the canyon and set up a sort of mini-Orgrimmar in it.

Wouldn’t wound me much to see us set up homes on the rest of the Echo Isles, either.


Come to think of it, I bet expanding already established settlements would be a fair alternative to making new ones. There are numerous instances of Horde and Alliance entering into each other’s territory to establish new bases, but what if we went back and emphasized how well we were thriving in the places we’ve already claimed?

Like sure, it would be nice if the orcs and trolls had more villages in different zones, but it would be just as nice if all their current settlements grew twice as big and three times as spikey.

Cuz the last thing the Underhold should be used for is a residence for a small band of displaced refugees. It has a far greater destiny than something so menial like a hub for the minuscule population of the AU Mag’har.

And this is what I mean by integration, maybe they establish a transportation hub within Orgrimmar that becomes their home and it stretches across the continent providing advanced continental transport for the citys’ residents.

Cuz they’re not big enough populations to require their own individual settlements to support them. Like for the most part, allied races tend to be relatively small in number from a lore standpoint, and the only ones to really be an exception to this are the Zandalari and Kul’tirans who are their own fully fledged civilizations that have existed for 100s of years.

The Mag’har are a sliver of their full population, most of the Mag’har remained on Draenor, and what came to Azeroth is not really their own society. They’re just a band of refugees who sought respite from their enemy on our world, they’re not an autonomous or vast civilization, they got no virtually no leadership structure aside from Geya’rah.

Again, at MOST, they can run a district in Orgrimmar but they really aren’t big enough to require their own city lol.

Void Elves and Lightforged, it’s the same darn thing. Literally a minority portion of a greater society that frankly doesn’t have enough numbers nor any kind of societal structure that they require a city to support them. Lightforged are literally just a private millitary and void elves are a bunch of outcasts, and they already have appropriate hubs for their respective vocations.

Alliance/Horde Pandaren are, again, not a massive civilization. All the ones beyond the mainland Pandaria and whom chose to leave the Wandering Isle are few and far in between. They don’t need a city because their entire fantasy is that they’re vagabonds, travelers, they only left their home to explore the world. And again, they already have the Wandering Isle, that didn’t stop being their home because they chose to join factions, they’re simply following the wanderers path as Liu Lang once did. Their whole shtick is exploration for its own sake.

They are not, I know this because the whole point of the Huojin and Tushui within the factions are explicitly meant to represent their people from the Wandering Isle to the rest of Azeroth. Their society already exists on the back of a massive, thousand year old, sea-turtle. They’re here to explore, not to settle.

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Honestly between Pandaren and Vulpera, think it would be better for them as a roaming caravan. Moving from zone to zone.

The “capital” could be a caravan that literally wanders Kalimdor, traveling from region to region.


Capital cities are unfortunately underutilized as it is so I don’t think we necessarily need more but I’d like more reasons to go to the ones that DO exist.

For the Allied races, I’d love to see them implemented more into the world/cityscape as a whole. It’d be cool to see allied race motifs be implemented in their respective ‘sister race’ capitals, such as having Nightborne influence show up in Silvermoon, Lighforged influence in the Exodar, More Mag’har touches in Orgrimmar etc.

I think that would really help these underutilized additions feel like more a part of their faction than having random useless NPCs just wandering around aimlessly.


Blizzard only cares about three to four capital cities, Stormwind, Orgrimmar, and the one, (or two, in BfA) added in the current expansion. They wanted to get rid of Darnassus and Undercity for a reason.

I don’t think Every race needs their own capital, but I feel that the original core or races should have their own. There’s more to the factions that Borewind and Snorgrimmar.