"A Burning Path Through Time"

I’m probably a bit dim, but I can’t figure out where to pick up this quest. If you are level 60, does it automatically pop for you when you get a dungeon invite or do you have to go somewhere to get it?

It isn’t on the recommended stuff to do page on the journal so I am at a loss where to go for the quest. Help me obi-wan???

Is that the one where you get the “go do this amount of BC dungeons” ?

If so go check the npc by the great vault in oribos

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Isn’t that the timewalking weekly quest? You will only be able to get that on a TBC timewalking week.

It’s not on the in game calendar yet, but the next one will either start March 30th or April 20th (depending on if they add Legion timewalking to the rotation).

It’s available this week.

As mentioned, just down the stairs from the great vault.

Npc next to vault is correct.

You can also just pull up your Adventure Guide (next to the menu button on your bottom bar in default UI) and cycle through the current events until you find it, and accept the quest there. Don’t have to go anywhere :grin:


should also be in adventure guide unless that has changed

4 expacs i havnt known that…

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Im on Oceanic and the tBC TW dungeons are available now.

OK, you are a star. I was look at the Black Temple one because, yknow old and silly. Went a bit further and found the TBC dungeon and there was the quest button. Thankee.

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