[A] Bound for Glory looking for a few DPS

Hey folks,

(note: we are slow right now as people unwind and get ready for 9.1, but there is activity)

Adding a few solid DPS for the next Raid Tier in 9.1. Two or Three people would be great.
Looking for any class you enjoy, and can play well.
(although a Mage would be nice). Tanks and Healers are solid right now.

Bound for Glory is a friendly gang who love having a good time
playing WoW and try to leave real life problems and world issues outside of the game.

We push for AoTC each Raid tier (we have done it 8 raids in a row).

We welcome any questions you have, our Raid Leader Ordin would be the best person to contact.

We also also have people who enjoy mythic plus keys.

BfG is an age 18+ Guild and a drama free zone, so please no troublemakers or bad attitudes.

Please talk to our Raid Leader Ordin with any questions you may have on Raiding.
He can answer all your questions for yah about how we roll.

GUILD - Bound for Glory - Casual yet determined!

Argent Dawn & The Scryers

Normal Raids for boss experience and loot up, then Heroic Progression. Mythic Raiding isn’t something we are serious about, maybe a few bosses here and there if we have enough interest.

Thursday: 7:50PM EST - 10:30PM EST pull@ 8PM
Sunday: 7:50PM EST - 10:30PM EST pull@ 8PM

Guild Leadership Contacts:


Ordin - Raid Leader
Maelstrom - New applicant outreach.
Arkaten - Officer and Founder.

Asst Officers:

Please submit a short application to join our Guild as to screen out bad eggs and troublemakers. We’ve been fooled before…you don’t need to write a book, just tell us a bit about yourself.

(see link below)


please join our Recruitment Discord Channel also linked below and have a chat with us.

(Also please read the Guild Charter on the website . And learn more about us to make sure we’re a fit for you)

Thank you very much,

All of us at Bound for Glory.

bound4glory.shivtr . com