[A] Bottomless Mimosas Recruiting for AQ!

The Bottomless Mimosas ---- Semi-Hardcore raiding guild is seeking more to fill its’ ranks for the journey into Ahn’Qiraj.

Who we are:
The Bottomless Mimosas is composed of real life friends as well as raiders that have played World of Warcraft together for the last fifteen years. We know how to have a good time, take a joke, and definitely kill some bosses together. We are more than just a raiding guild: We are community. Everyone is welcome with a positive attitude, an incentive to kill bosses, and have a great time while with friends!

Our current recruitment needs:

Resto Druid x1
Fury Warrior x1

All other serious inquiries will be looked at!

Our current raiding schedule:

Tuesday - Invites @ 9. (Full clear of BWL and MC)
Onyxia clears / ZG clears throughout the week.

Thursday reserved for future content. (Ahn’Qiraj)

Our current loot system:

Our current loot system is EPGP. Raiders are awarded points for the contribution and efforts to the guild. Those effort points can be used to obtain gear in the raids. You are in charge of your loot.

For more information, please contact Sulyhponex or Brobafett in game or add Suly on Battle.net: Xenophylus93#1244

I’m a 60 rogue looking for a raiding guild