[A] <Bold> 4/11M - RECRUITING

We are openly recruiting all for Season 4, Dragonflight, and on!!! Feel free to inquire! We’re active, run keys, planning on getting sales going, and have a nice social/helpful environment.

About Us
is a newly formed raiding Guild that began on March 19, 2022, with seasoned Cutting-Edge leadership. Within an extremely short amount of time, we grew and began raiding on March 29, 2022, and by the end of our first week, we achieved 11/11N and 4/11H. We are rapidly growing with the goal of progressing into Mythic and eventually attempting to achieve Cutting-Edge.

In , we are focused on building an active community in which our members can make friends, be social, and run keys or any other content together outside of raids. While Cutting-Edge is our eventual goal, we want to maintain a stress-free environment where you won’t burn out. We want our raiders to push themselves, play hard, do their jobs well, and kill bosses while also having a good time. We’re also happy to go over logs and help each other build and improve as both individual players and as a team.

If you’re not able to commit or just looking for an active community, we welcome any and all looking for a place to call home and run keys (or whatever else with us)!

Raid Times

  • Tuesday: 8:30PM - 11:30PM EST (Main Night - Mandatory)
  • Wednesday: 8:30PM - 11:30PM EST (Main Night - Mandatory)
  • Thursday: 8:30PM - 10:30PM EST (Main Night - Mandatory)
  • Saturday: 8:30PM - 11:00PM EST (Off Night - Optional)

We have a 10-minute break around the mid-point of our T/W raids and usually won’t have one on Th due to the shorter duration (sometimes, there is a 5-minute break). Saturday is an off night for alts and non-raid members in our Guild. Optional nights are not required, of course, but if you come you must stay the full duration.

Not a Raider?
Not interested in our Mythic raid team or can’t make the main days? No problem! We are openly accepting any and all who wish to join an active Guild with a thriving community! We run keys very regularly, do Mythic Key Sales, and have a Saturday Raid at 8:30 PM EST that you are welcome to attend (sales/raids do have requirements, of course). Casuals welcome!

Recruitment Needs

  • Tanks: Closed
  • Healers: Holy Priest
  • Melee DPS: Open (Warrior Needed)
  • Ranged DPS: Open

If you’re interested and your class/specialization isn’t listed for your role, feel free to inquire! “Closed” basically means we are not actively recruiting for that role BUT we still encourage you to inquire if you are interested! We are always looking for extremely good players when it comes to performance, reliability, and activity.


  • 18+ years old
  • 270+ item level
  • Commitment to all three days
  • At least 10/11H (Mythic experience preferred)
  • Active and run keys (we require 4+ per week)
  • Willing to learn, improve, and always come to raid prepared


  • GM/RL: Jäger#11356
  • Recruitment Officer: Creator#1464
  • Healing Officer: SAUUprising#1125
  • Ranged Officer: Keelis#1941

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions!

Need some awesome heals and Dps!!!

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To the Top we go!!!

Looking for ranged! 6/11, killing Halondrus tomorrow! :smiley:

Any strong healers out there?!

Halondrus DOWN!!

Need a MW Monk!

Looking for a R-Shaman! Looking forward to downing Anduin and on this week :smiley:

Anduin down! Looking for a MW Monk! Possibly open to WW!

To the top we go

Looking for strong and reliable people to join our team!

Rygelon and Lords DOWN! :smiley: Looking for amazing people to join our team!!

Back to the top! Our first step into Mythic was very successful :smiley: :smiley:

All the way back to the top!

any interest in a 272 4 piece boomkin? just transferred to the server, looking for a new raiding home. message me on discord if you think youre keen

Sorry for the late response but I sent you a request on Discord!

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Looking for strong ranged DPS!

Recruitment needs have changed a little!! If you’re what we need, inquire! :smiley: