(A) Blazing Phoenix Recruitment

Are you on Eranikus? Of course you are!

Then how would you like to join a small communal group of like-minded individuals with their eyes on raiding?

Raids are scheduled for Wednesday 10 Person and Thursday 25 Person content, beggining at 8 o’clock server time.

We also run guildies through heroics, assist with crafting gear where we can, and are more than willing to avenge our members that get viciously ganked in open world pvp!

If you are interested, then you can join our discord, message me in game, or even respond to this post where we can set up an in game meetup!

Discord is here : https://discord.gg/Db9JhDGU

We have room for plenty more members. Come check us out!

P.S. our tabard is totally baller

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Hey Gendoll, I’d love to learn about your guild and community. Could we set up a time?