[A] [Blame it on Lag] 10/12M Weekend Raiding LF Ranged

Blame it on Lag is currently seeking raiders for Ny’alotha. We are 10/12M Ny’alotha and we were 5/8M EP and 7/9M BoD.

Blame it on Lag is a Sargeras guild that has a long history of raiding dating back to Naxxramas in Wrath of the Lich King. Our raid times are Saturday 7:00 PM to 11:00 PM and Sunday 7:00 PM to 10:00 PM Server Time(Central Time Zone).

We also have an additional, optional Wednesday night guild activity (generally an alt raid, lower difficulty raid, or Mythic+ dungeons) starting around 7:00 PM. Our vibrant Mythic+ Dungeon community currently pushes keys most nights of the week. We are willing to finish gearing competent raiders; logs and parses help us a lot.

Those interested please reply to this forum post or feel free to contact me on Bnet - Cethin#11676 or on Discord - Cethin#8340

Happy Raiding!

Current Needs:
Ranged DPS

Low Priority:
Melee DPS

Would love any kind of ranged dps. Have some fun and down some bosses!

Still looking for some ranged dps. We would love a mage or lock.

Ranged DPS still welcome and yes, Mages and Locks are delicious :grin:

Still looking for a couple ranged dps to come have some fun killing bosses.

Still a couple RDPS spots available for our 12/12 M push.

Still looking for a mage and 1-2 other RDPS.

Still looking for some solid Ranged DPS.

Still looking for a couple rdps