[A] Benediction <Last Attempt> WEEKEND RAIDING GUILD - Recruiting core raiders - 1 Night HM + Alg Clears

Sat/Sun 8pm-11pm EST

About Us

Last Attempt a weekend raiding classic guild recruiting core roster raiders for 25 man WOTLK content. Last Attempt was originally formed during the original iteration of Wrath of the Lich King and is still going strong as a consistent Cutting Edge retail raiding guild. Members of the community and core raiders are now creating a WOTLK Classic guild to relive the good times!

We have a focus on trying to make the most of the time we raid and having a good time while doing it. Our goal is to clear content, slay internet dragons, and acquire loot in the most efficient manner possible. While we aren’t gunning for realm first or top speed run times, we aim to reduce mandatory 25-man raid days to one raid night.

About You

Must be over age 18, preferably over 21. A sense of humor is required. Guild chat is not family-friendly.

Awareness to remove yourself from fire, frost, poison, shadow, and any other incredibly obvious ground effects, push your buttons close to your classes’ potential, the ability to accept criticism regarding your failures and the ability to learn from them as well, is required.

High Priority

Will consider any exceptional applicant.

If interested, please reach out to any of the officers below on discord for more information.



Lf gamers pls

High Priority
Enhance Shaman
Demo Warlock

Great post!

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Updated recruitment needs -

Searching for a demonology warlock

wait what server was this guild originally on for normal wrath?

Any interest in a Blood DK?

Im looking for a weekend raiding guild have a paladin warlock warrior shaman and a dk i can switch to what ever spec you need. Even if im just a back up its hard to find a guild that runs on weekends


LF 3-4 more competent DPS Players. Feral Druid prio

Still looking for a feral druid and a few extra dps of any variety. PST if interested

I am a prot paly/ret whos very interested in wotlk raiding. ;et me know if you have a spot

any ferals and ranged DPS in the chat?

Added you on Bnet, I just made a post. Interested in talking. (Feral)

Has anyone got back to you?

Interested as Lock DPS
Hit me up
BNET: Cosmic#12401
Disc: Cosmic#4817

Still looking for a couple pumpers. Feral/Ret - add me

Discord: cody#4145
Bnet: Cody#13915

Recruitment needs update! First raid on October 8!

Feral Druid
Aff lock
Enhance Shaman

Still recruiting more DPS for our upcoming raids.

Hey, feral druid here lookin for a good raiding team to join, HMU.

Bnet: Paradigmwill#1886
Disc: Hexen#3731

Will be in touch