[A] Benediction <Aggressively Average> Wrath Fresh Re-roll

Hello All

Aggressively Average is currently re-rolling, and we are looking for anyone interested in re-rolling, or any returning players. We will be focusing on leveling for the first little bit because we are a fresh guild, but as people hit 70 though we will try to clear as many raids as we can before the WotLK pre-patch launches.

Server: There isn’t many options for servers to roll on nowadays so I have chosen Benediction.

When: NOW. We currently have ~45 active people in guild who are leveling, and are growing each day.

Who we need: Looking for anyone who wants to join. Really focusing on building a community that is active and friendly, and that wants to grow as a team. All classes are welcome to join.

I am also looking for a handful of people who want to be part of the leadership team as well.

I am on most times so just shoot me a whisper and I will give you an invite. Every one in the guild can invite though!

Feel free to add me if you have any questions

Bump we have great people

lets gooo!

bump this bump that

Bump me

lets bump it up

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bump me please

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can someone invite me? my char is Gábi

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Invite please :slight_smile: currently doing Hellfire peninsula.

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I’m an old returning player, and I’d be interested in an invite as well.

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Message anyone in the guild for an invite if you add me I can invite you when I am on

HI, im looking for a guild to start raiding/heroic dung with, heading into wrath. Resto druid, casual with free schedule. thx

Hey! Definitely interested if you are still recruiting! Shaman looking to play resto into wrath.

Absolutely, we would love to have you!

Won’t say no to another healer!

We have gone with “Imagine Having a Guild” instead. Anyone should be able to invite! I will be on late tonight though.